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Our products have already taken their place on the shelves of Auchan all over EU. Professionals trust us.
Our products
Ready-made soup mixes containing all the necessary ingredients. Following the instructions you are sure to get a full-fledged soup with a minimal effort.

A great option for those who adhere to the principles of a healthy diet, but do not have time to prepare homemade food. Mixtures do not contain conservatives, flavor enhancers, food additives, they are not instant food.
Siberian Food's second courses are ready-made blends of cereals and dried vegetables that are suitable for everyone - traditional cuisine lovers, healthy lifestyle followers and vegans.
Side dishes
With Siberian Food products even without knowing the recipes you can cook a traditional Siberian dish for 4-5 people in no more than 20 minutes. Because tasty is not necessarily difficult to prepare and expensive. If to keep Siberian Food in mind.
Apple, pear, citrus chips – thinly sliced and dried to a characteristic crunch. No sugar, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers.
Apple slices, rings, croutons – apple series of dried snacks in a compact package. No sugar, no preservatives, no flavor enhancers.
Pure, completely ready-made mixture for cooking fruit punch.
Fruit punch
The contents of the pack do not need to be washed and additionally soaked – you just cook the drink according to the instructions, adding sugar or honey to taste.
About us
First of all, organic ingredients grown by Siberian farmers, as well as wild berries and herbs collected in Siberian forests.

In addition, Siberian Food is an exclusive drying technology. This is both a method of conservation of agricultural raw materials, and a method of making new products – dried snacks, semi-finished products for soups and beverages, exotic Siberian fruit and berry delicacies.

The company is focused on the production of high-quality products that are attractive to the consumer due to the packaging design, a wide range of products, and the gramming and packaging of the goods that are beneficial for the end customer.

Siberian Food is the only enterprise in Siberia that produces pre-packaged and ready-to-eat fruit chips, candied fruits, compotes, as well as dried berries, fruits and vegetables.

What makes Siberian Food unique?
Organic ingredients
Exclusive drying technology
Fast cooking products
Unique tastes
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Tasty. Healthy. Unusual.
Snacks made from fruits, berries and vegetables, mixes for compotes and mulled wine are for those who appreciate natural taste, who know about the importance of vitamins, which we carefully preserve with the help of our special technology of infrared drying at low temperatures.

Our products are suitable for athletes, children, dieters, those who like to experiment and try something new.
These are the words which describe what we are doing.
Our mission and goal
The mission of the company is to produce natural and healthy products from raw materials that even babies can safely consume.
The company's goal is to promote natural and sustainable food in retail.

Production and employees
The production of dried Siberian Food products is carried out on modern high-tech equipment, which makes it possible to produce a wide range of finished products - candied fruits, chips, crackers, while maintaining a full flavor, aroma and vitamins.
The production facilities of the enterprise are located outside the hostile urban environment, in the village of Petrovka in the very heart of Siberia.
For storage of stocks of fruits and vegetables, a warehouse with a constantly maintained optimal temperature regime is used.
All fruits and vegetables are pre-processed - washing, cutting. In the workshop there are vegetable cutters, apple cutters, machines for removing seeds, a cooking pot for cooking candied fruits.
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