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Wine, ice, tears

I leaned today from David Lebovitz’s wonderful blog about a foodie life in Paris that a glass of wine with ice in it is called un plouf! He supposes it’s called that because it’s the sound ice makes when it’s dropped into a glass of wine. I’ve always thought this practice was called a la Marseillaise or a les Provençals because wine is often served like that in the far south of France. I do like white and rosé wine to be as cold as charity, tears of condensation on the outside of the glass. I’ve never been refused when asking for ice to add to wine in any part of France, not even in Paris, where everything you do is met with a raised eyebrow, which’ll brings tears of condescension if you’re not strong enough. If you find yourself wanting the same, just ask for des glaçons and a glass full of ice will be brought to the table. Voila!


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