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Blackcurrant and cherry fruit soup

I have news. This can’t sound more incredible to you than it does to me, but I am a published writer. I submitted a couple of ideas to the Great British Chefs website. They liked two of them. I wrote them. They accepted them. They’re going to pay me for them. I am a professional!

It seems ironic that my first piece is a recipe as I a) have never intended to write recipes and b) don’t feel qualified to. Neither seems to have stopped me. It’s my photograph, too, so I’m now a published photographer, as well. I really want to be a photographer although, for now, I’m spending more time writing.

So, here is a link to my fruit soup recipe. It’s getting a bit late for cherries but there are always a few around from somewhere. Use something else. Use whatever you like, as in anything. Recipes are never any more than guides. You should always cook the way you like. But I will say that this was lovely. And it’s gluten- and dairy-free, if that’s important to you. Enjoy.

ps If you don’t know Great British Chefs it is a terrific food website, well worth looking at.
pps I wouldn’t say it’s gone to my head, but I have started working on a novel.
ppps I should also tell you that yesterday, the day my first recipe was published on a professional website, I made my meal in the evening and it was borderline inedible. I then made a sort of fig clafoutis for dessert and left it in the oven for over 90 minutes. Fig Brûlée, to say the least. I ate a peanut butter sandwich for my dinner.


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