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Princess Cheesecake

I came across Princess Cheesecake one cold afternoon on my trip to Berlin last week. Its motto is Make every day a lovely day, and it does its best to help you with this.

It sells, as you may imagine, cheesecake of several flavours. I had a New York-style slice and thought it perfect. It was very light and not oversweet. Its two shades of white looked beautiful, like an abstract painting or an expensive apartment.

The pale interior of the café is as smart as its cool exterior. The handsome and charming assistant works hard serving the customers sitting down as well as the queue of people waiting to buy a sweet slice to improve their afternoons. The kitchen and its happy chefs are there for everyone to see. There can’t be many better jobs.

The shop has been open for around four years and its owner is thinking about opening new branches. I’d like to suggest a Princess Cheesecake for London. Every city needs one.

Princess Cheesecake, Tucholskystraße 37, 10117 Berlin Mitte


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